I'm now primarily located here! I'm still checking back occasionally though.

This blog is primarily for Starfighter, with a dollop of Teahouse. My old blog for manga/comic books/video games is here, though my aforementioned primary location is a more current choice. :)
Anonymous said: Happy birthday sweetie! *tosses confetti and gives you pressies and cake*


I’m sorry this reply is nearly 2 weeks late, I’m rubbish. The cake is still good though. <3

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As a change of pace (and as a follow-up to the recent posts I made about them), this video stars Encke and Keeler, because Keeler would make a very pretty Princess, and I’m convinced that Encke is the handsome Prince in disguise. <3


I agree, even I’m baffling by/don’t remember half the crap I’ve posted on here. xD;

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acutebunnybutt answered:

I’m super late to the party but yayyyy! I missed you, welcome back <3

Aww you’re so sweet, thank you! <3 I missed you too. :D

because you’re too lazy to read chapter 4 and i’m way too nice, here is that summary of chapter 4 to help you ease back in (you will still have to read it at some point tho)

SO — page 1 opens with a shivery Cain in a fluffy jacket making his way across an icy tundra towards some isolated little shack. when he gets inside there’s a bunch of tough-looking types and it soon becomes clear he’s found himself inside some sort of drinking establishment. a dude calls him over to his table where a cutie named Anna is also sitting. Cain seems super excited to see this girl and picks her up and hugs her. Anna seems less enthused about this show of affection and gets all blushy. they start chatting/drinking and Cain tells his friends he had a dream about leaving the colonies and ending up on a spaceship. enter a cloaked Abel, who stumbles inside loudly pleading for his fighter, Cain. no one seems to know who this is. Cain, being the slimy snake he is, guiltily oozes into the background before Abel can see him. Abel ends up getting thrown out of the bar on his ass. Cain and his mates continue on with their happy drinking session while Abel freezes his ass off outside. Cain has Guilt Face. we still don’t know his true name, despite this having been a perfect opportunity to reveal it. end scene.

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heartsung answered: I miss yoooou. <3

ships-that-never-sink answered: I MISSED YOU! <3 <3 <3

vennadda said: I miiiiiss youuuuu! (∿°○°)∿ ︵ love

I missed you all tooooo~! <3 <3 <3 You’re all fantastic.


royalphantom answered: wub u ; v ; <3






You know ilu2. <3 <3 <3 You adorable cutie you!

elisetales said: yoooooooooooo


fancy seeing you here! aaahhhh we’ve had our ups and downs, traveled the long and dusty road of Starfighter fandom together and even reblogged our share of lying lies, but i’m glad we (well, in my case anyway) grew up and reconnected and i’m really happy you’re back

<3 <3 <3 Ah how long the months without you were. Thank you for kicking me into doing this, you’re all kinds of fabulous.

So many, many months ago (10 to be precise), I told you all some filthy lies about how I was going away for a while, but would be back soon.


Well I didn’t intentionally tell you all filthy lies, at the time that really was my plan. I was busy beyond all reasonable measure and it seemed like the mature thing to do to take a step back until I was finished. Funny thing is though, work doesn’t really ‘finish’ per se… so instead of the month or so I expected, it’s been 10 months.

Firstly, thank you to all of the people who’ve followed me while I’ve been away. Despite having not logged in even once, I’ve still had those notifications e-mailed to me, and I can only apologise for the lacklustre experience you’ve had since doing so! At the very least, I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed what’s already here.

On the same vein, I wanted to throw out a big thank you to everyone else here too. I’ve met some amazing people in this fandom, more than I could possibly list. One who recently came to stay, two more who I spent a fantastic day with, and another who I’ll hopefully be seeing next year. Even though I’ve not been checking on here, I still have a folder of all the amazing things that people have made for me and caps of all the lovely things that people have said to me. It really means a lot.

Recently I’ve been kicking around on another blog,  which has primarily been a way for me to keep up with selective things without having to be super involved in anything in particular (i.e. being here). Some people I know from here have successfully hunted me down on there too, so special thanks to (and congratulations on the sleuthing skills of) those persons. ;) Ever since I’ve been on there, I’ve had the insistent kicking gentle encouragement of my home girl elisetales to come back to this blog. At this stage I’m still not 100% sure of where I’m going from here, but at the very least I wanted to make this post. Much love!


So due to a very busy week I’ve not been around. The reason for this is that I’ll be off to Ayacon tomorrow, and I won’t be back until Monday. If anyone is going and happens to identify me then feel free to say hi! :)

When I get back I have to seriously work work work to finish some stuff (and also I have to organise moving), so I suspect my hiatus will continue over those 2-3 weeks. The good news is that after that I’ll have nothing to do but sit around and relax, so my time should be a lot less work focused than it has been lately. Theoretically I can be more productive towards other things, well, we’ll see anyway.

It’s a lot of stuff to get done in a short amount of time, so please wish me luck!